Staying Committed & Authentic


A while ago, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Aimee J. of Podcaster HQ for a lively interview. In this chat, I highlighted the importance of staying committed and authentic in podcasting. 

Aimee and I talk about the commitment required to host a podcast, and we encourage others not to view podcasting as a fad. With our many years of podcast experience, we explained that podcasting is not about quick results. It requires you to put in a lot of work as you perfect your craft. 

It is this commitment to podcasting that has allowed me to grow and evolve over the years. From blogging, to launching the Carry On Friends The Caribbean American Podcast in 2015, and now being an Executive Producer and teacher in the podcasting space.

What sparked my drive to start my podcast was the realization that there were others like her out there who also wanted to hear from immigrants of Caribbean heritage. So, I decided to “scratch her own itch” and talk about topics related to Caribbean Americans that weren’t found anywhere else on the internet. Since then, the podcast has seen steady growth.

Based on this experience, podcasting should be done from a place of fulfillment and joy, not from a place of lack. Aimee and I also explain that success in podcasting doesn’t come from focusing on profitability or comparison of yourself with others. Instead, it comes when you do it with passion.

Podcasters should not “run away from what makes you different. Embrace it. Own it.” It is the vulnerability and authenticity of podcasters that the audience respects and admires. This is also what makes them more relatable to their audience. 

In all, podcasters are encouraged to, “know who you are and who you are talking to and focus on that. Don’t be distracted.” Podcasters should believe in their show and what their show is supposed to do, and stay committed to the journey.

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