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Big Things Come
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At Breadfruit media we provide our clients with the organized and strategic deliverables typically found in bigger agencies, while providing the highly creative, grounded and responsive nature of a small agency.  We are firm believers of thinking “big picture”. We aim to motivate, as well as foster growth and innovation in our clients.



Audio Production & Editing

We handle the technical steps of podcast production.  Whether you need help recording your podcast or editing your episodes, we got you covered. 

- Recording

- Editing & Mixing

- Audio optimization

- Upload & Publishing



Content &
Editorial Strategy

Goals? Check. Vision?  Check. You know where you want to go. But how will you get there? We provide guidance for podcasts throughout all stages of production. We collaboratively build episodes and content with from the ground up. Your strategy will be logical, attainable and  aligned with your goals for the future.

- Content Planning & Marketing

- Analytics & Insights

- Podcast Management



Marketing &
Audience Strategy

Quality podcasts deserve an audience.  We provide advice and insight on the market landscape, including media and societal trends, growth opportunities and its competitive landscape. Taking the necessary steps to maximize your audience growth will in turn help you get your quality viewership and elevate your brand.

- Market Research & Insight

- Contact strategy

- Distribution & Advertising

- Naming & identity



Podcast Development

Your Ideas are valuable, so why not make your podcast just as valuable? Even if you are starting from scratch or building on an existing idea, we help develop your show’s mission, vision, purpose and bring it to life. 

- Creative Direction

- Conceptualization

- Planning & Execution

- Storyboarding

Whatever You Need


Additional Services

- Podcast Audit

- Post Audit Strategy Plan

- Topic Research

- Project Management

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