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Caribbean American Point of View

Breadfruit Media is a podcast production company that creates culturally relevant content with a Caribbean American Point of View. We are the first U.S.-based podcast network and production company that prioritizes Caribbean American voices.

Additionally, we leverage our multicultural lens and experience to provide consulting and production services to our diverse clients.

Why Breadfruit?


Breadfruit is a tropical tree that yields an abundance of a nutritious, energy rich food and is considered almost a complete meal. It is also one of the few trees and resulting food that most Caribbean Islands call by the same name. It is also known world wide across ALL cultures as Breadfruit. Since it is almost a complete meal and the world recognizes it and calls it by the same name.

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About Kerry-Ann

Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown is the Jamaican born New York City based founder Breadfruit Media. 

She’s been creating original Breadfruit Media podcasts for over eight years. In addition, she has worked with several clients to launch their podcasts providing end to end service from ideation, development, marketing, strategy, production and sound engineering.
Outside of working with clients, Kerry-Ann is a teacher, she’s done multiple workshops at Podcast Movement since 2017. She’s a mentor leveraging her expertise and years of experience to give feedback and guidance to help podcasters develop and grow.

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