Podcast Recording & Editing Checklist

iphone next to a laptop with podcast recording and editing checklist

A checklist is a great way to keep track of things to do whether the task or project is repetitive or a one time thing.

There’s a lot of things that podcasters need to do before, during and after a podcast is recorded. Without a clear list of reminders it’s easy to overlook what seems to be a minor thing – but in the grand scheme of things is a major thing.

Through Carry On Friends, I’ve been podcasting for over 5 years and I still follow a checklist of things to do before pre, during and post record. And I’ve shared with my clients through Breadfruit Media the same checklists

This Podcast Recording and Editing Checklist is a high level overview of things to consider before you start recording your podcast and after you’ve finished recording. With the variety of software and tools available, the list is a more general list and will not go deep into specifics.

The checklist is intended as a starting point for you. and I encourage you to add items specific to your needs as wells as the various tools and software that you use.

Download the checklist

Click to get the Podcast Recording and Editing Checklist and other essential podcast checklists.

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