A Blog for Your Podcast can Increase Listenership

A Blog for Your Podcast can Increase Listenership

Growing Podcast Listenership

Discoverability and growing podcast listenership are top priorities for podcasts and rightfully so. With the growing number of podcasts, how can podcasts stand out or find more listeners (and get more downloads)?

A dedicated website for podcasters is highly recommended and important in the reaching a wider audience.

With a website and a blog you:

  • Increase the chances of people finding your show,
  • Provide your audience with more content outside of the podcast and
  • Are able to promote products, services and more to your listeners.

I recently appeared on episode 13 of Blk Pod Collective: The Podcast where I explain how blogging can be used as a way to increase podcast listenership.

Blk Pod Collective: The Podcast is a podcast for podcasters, that provides insights, resources and instruction to those looking for guidance in starting, growing and sustaining their podcast. Take a listen.

Resources Mentioned in the episode:

Google Analytics – A free tool that gives you insight on your website traffic. Google Analytics allows you to analyze in-depth detail about the visitors that come to your website. This includes the most popular content on your website. This information can be used to help you send trends and create content that can help with increasing podcast listenership.

Google Search Console – Another free tool that can be used to track your site’s search performance within Google. It will also give you alerts if there’s any index issues that Google is having with your site. Google Search Console gives you insight into some of the searches your website ranks high for. Meaning the searches that were used that led visitors/traffic to your website. This is also valuable insight on the type of content that listeners and potential listeners are interested in which can lead to increased podcast awareness and listenership.

Yoast – This is a WordPress plugin that is used to help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It operates with SEO best practices and shows you real time the SEO grade of your post.

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