You’ve got questions about podcasting and need expert advice. 

Breadfruit Media offers the guidance you need to make the right decisions.


Is a Podcast Right For You?

Have questions about whether a podcast is right for you?

I offer consultation to help you determine whether a podcast is the best route for you, your company or brand. And if a podcast is the best route – what that looks like. 


Where to Start?

Have an idea for a podcast but not sure where to start?

Breadfruit Media can help you discover your brand, your voice and determine your positioning. 

if a podcast is the best route and what that looks like.

Get the resources to help you develop your show’s mission, vision, purpose and bring it to life. 


The Caribbean & Podcasting

Do you have questions about podcasting to a Caribbean audience? Or maybe a Caribbean brand podcasting to a wider audience? 

Breadfruit Media provides advice and insight on the market landscape, including media and societal trends, growth opportunities and its competitive landscape. 


Something Else

Do you have questions and need guidance on something else, unique and specific to you about podcasting?

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