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A mastermind group that provides podcasters with accountability, mentorship and support to develop and grow not only their shows but also themselves.

Do you want to achieve more of your podcast goals? Do you want more growth and progress whether in your podcast, business or personal goals?  

If you want to accomplish your goals and get them done faster, you cannot do them by yourself. You need accountability.

Being held accountable while you are working towards your goals will increase your chances of being successful compared to trying to do it one your own.
Accountability is the difference between goal setters and goal achievers. It’s one thing to set goals. It’s another thing to set them in motion.


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Kerry-Ann's approach to accountability comes with clear actionable steps that make takes big ideas attainable. Breaking down ideas into tasks by utiilizing a checklist, realistic timelines and the flexibility to adjust based on completion.
Style & Vibes
Kerry-Ann is an amazing mentor, teacher and genuinely want to help others.
Forward Podcast

Kerry-Ann is a podcaster, podcast producer and founder of Breadfruit Media.

In addition to hosting her own podcast for over five years; she has worked with several clients to launch their podcasts providing end to end service from ideation, development, marketing, strategy, production and sound engineering. 

Outside of working with clients, Kerry-Ann is a teacher, mentor and accountability partner – helps podcasters to develop and grow.

Kerry-Ann will leverage her expertise and years of experience to feedback and guidance to give your podcast the polish it needs. 

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